4 Season Photos

New Jersey Getaway

New Jersey like you have never seen it before.

A Cinematic experience of some of the vast variety of Nature and Wildlife found in New Jersey. A visual Getaway with dramatic scenery and landscapes of perhaps the most surprising State to find it. From the mountainous region in the North to the tranquil beaches of New Jersey's most southern shorelines, this Documentary is a vivid inspiration to residents and visitors, to go out and discover their own Getaway.

      New Jersey Getaway – was an idea we both came up with after years, taking pictures and traveling to different places in New Jersey. It became an obvious idea to show off some of all special places we have had the privilege to visit. It was also clear to us that New Jersey's Nature and Wildlife was such an under-exposed subject. We knew so many of our friends and neighbors felt the same way, that New Jersey is such a unique and special place, and despite what ever else is going on in this busy State, we are fortunate to be able to find many places with beauty and happiness, even if it is our own backyard. “It took us nearly five years to complete the video. The images were shot in our spare time or when ever the weather was cooperating. Apart from all the work and tedious hours of editing, it was an almost therapeutic experience. We made a good amount of research and wrote the script as accurate as possible.” Dawn and early morning is clearly the best time to get the most dramatic footage. You don't think of it, but the temperatures actually drops in the minutes immediately before sunrise, that creates a clash of the temperatures between water, soil and the air that in turn makes the mist rise. Mornings are also a special time for wildlife that seems to be waking up all at the same time. It creates a loud wonderful choir of birds, frogs and insects.”

       Dave is an amateur Photographer who has lived in New Jersey most of his life. He grew up in Morris County where he spent many happy summers with his brothers and friends, playing in the woods and by the creeks near his home, building tree forts and camp fires, searched for frogs and pollywogs. His love for nature Is reflected in his work, such as the beautiful sailing moment of the Snowy Owl was resting near him as a cold December snow shower descended over them.

       Carrie began taking pictures in her teens, a hobby she has enjoyed for years, mostly in Nature and Wildlife Photography. Living first in Greenland and then in Denmark, where she grew up, she has experienced first hand some of natures great wonders.

“It was my dad who inspired me to take photography seriously, that then sent me out an awe inspiring road of photographic experiences.

Sometimes you feel so blessed to be in the right place at the right time, such as the moment when the “Dancing Deer” appeared. As it all began unfolding I just stood there, watched my camera intently, held my breath and hoped I wasn't going to mess it up.”

New Jersey Getaway - Trailer